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Train a read-across model (regardless of data and endpoint of interest)
Perform variable selection
Acquire a grouping hypothesis
Include multi-perspective characterization
Use your model to acquire predictions, save time and resources
Quickstart: How to train a model
Quickstart: How to use a model

How to train a model
How to use a model

About Apelles

Apelles was a renowned painter of ancient Greece. Apelles was probably born at Colophon in Ionia and prospered during the 112th Olympiad (332-329 BC). Apelles allowed the superiority of some of his contemporaries: his portraits were exceptionally realistic, he was praised for his ingenuity and grace and, the simplicity and completeness of his works were remarkable. Apelles' paintings include: 'Alexander the Great wielding a thunderbolt', 'Aphrodite Anadyomene', the 'Calumny' etc. Several Italian Renaissance painters were inspired by him and repeated his subjects however, none of his paintings have survived to this day. Source: Wikipedia

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